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hair saloonNazywam się Agnieszka Zwolińska. Tworzenie rzeczy to moja pasja, stąd miłość do krawiectwa, rękodzieła i sztuki. Dlatego w 2008r. zdecydowałam się utworzyć pracownię krawiecką ATU.

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Atu Krawiectwo


Welcome to the ATU studio website

Welcome to the ATU studio website.

"If you want something very much, you can achieve it. This may require patience, very hard work, sometimes a real struggle for a long time, but it is doable. This little bit of faith is a condition of any artistic venture, or other "
(quote from Margo Jones)

Tailoring is an art. Even a woman with atypical figure may look feminine, attractive. The studio is equipped with specialized machines that allow me to meet my clients’ expectations.

My long-term experience in tailoring combined with my plastic skills and my education into Arts which I gained during my Studies in Częstochowa allow me to serve my clients well.

We invite you to cooperation with us.

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